Development of a parallel plate ion chamber for radiation protection level


  • Márcio Bottaro
  • Maurício Moralles
  • Maurício Landi



A new parallel plate vented ion chamber is proposed in this paper. The application of this chamber was primarily intended to the measurement of stray radiation in interventional procedures, but the energy response of about 2.6%, which was obtained in the first prototype, on the range from 40 to 150 kV using ISO 4037-1 narrow qualities, provided the possibility of a wide modality application on radiation protection. Primary studies with Maxwell 2D electromagnetic field simulator revealed an optimized model regarding effective volume and saturation voltage levels, which conferred to the ion chamber a dual entrance window feature. The development of this ion chamber has the main contribution of Monte Carlo calculations as a support tool to the establishment of the effective volume of the chamber and determination of the best materials for housing mounting and conductive elements, such as guard rings, electrode, and windows. Even the composition of the conductive layers, which would be neglected due to their very small thicknesses (about 35 µm), had important influence on the results and could be better understood with Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code System (MCNP) simulations.


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Bottaro, M., Moralles, M., & Landi, M. (2015). Development of a parallel plate ion chamber for radiation protection level. Revista Brasileira De Física Médica, 5(1), 9–14.



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